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The Testimony of Cyrus Ministries International

God is doing a new thing with Cyrus Ministries International. He is building on and expanding what He has brought forth since He called us in 1975.

In 1975 He spoke to me through His Word about bringing healing ministries to His church. He reminded me of my need for His grace to accomplish this (Luke 14:28), and then filled me with His Spirit. A few days later He wrote His Word in John 21:15-17 into my heart. "Feed My lambs; shepherd My sheep; Feed My sheep."

In 1977 the verses concerning God’s anointing on Cyrus (Isaiah 45: 1-3 and others) were highlighted and engraved on my heart, and also on the heart of Kay, my wife. We knew that as the Holy Spirit was ministering this anointing to us that this anointing was something we should operate under. In November of 1978 I was called to go to Mt. Sinai in February of 1979. God affirmed this call this call by pre-announcing the sex and birth date of our second child. Kay was 8 months pregnant at the time. Tim, our second child, was born, according to God’s word, on December 29th. At Mt. Sinai God spoke through Isaiah 51:16 of establishing His ways in the heavenlies and in the foundations of the earth. He also spoke through Hebrews 12:22-29 of living in the reality of the New Jerusalem, and listening to the heavenly voice of His Son. These verses have been the foundation of our ministry, as we bring God’s message of deliverance and freedom to people, families, cities and nations. Having personally experienced God’s forgiveness and cleansing of alcoholism, generational curses, curses of witchcraft and freemasonry, and deep-seated insecurities and fears, I know God’s ability to heal spiritual, physical and emotional wounds and to deliver and restore us and our lands to His eternal destiny and purposes.

In 1982 He called me to quit my secular job and go into full-time ministry, under the name of Cyrus Ministries, trusting only in Him to provide for us. This call was affirmed by the elders and pastors of our church.

During the years 1975 – 1990 we were involved in personal ministry at our church and in our office in our home. We also taught and ministered and discipled others in area churches, and in other locations in the US. In 1990 we were sovereignly instructed to change our name to Cyrus Ministries International. During this time we were also instructed to receive God’s heart and love of the land of Israel, both for Jews and Arabs. We had previously traveled overseas and also to Israel, but now the increased anointing and international emphasis came upon us. We have now ministered in Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, India, Romania, Israel, Burkina Faso and Kenya.

Now for the New Things: In 2001 we led an apostolic team into Kenya. We ministered in several churches and saw God bring people into His kingdom and show His love and power through signs and wonders. Our whole team was moving in the gifts and power of the Spirit. Upon returning to Kenya this year, we trained pastors and leaders in these things, and once again saw the affirmation of the word through signs and wonders. We are now being asked to oversee a group of churches in Kenya.

Since our first experience in Kenya, God has moved other leaders in Africa to come to us; they have asked us to shepherd them in their ministries and to enter into a networking relationship with them. We are beginning the networking with works of God in Nigeria and in South Africa. We are also being asked to shepherd leaders from local churches as they come into the new moves of the Spirit as He brings healing and restoration more deeply into individuals, families, areas and nations.

God has recently given us the use of a facility in Big Rock Illinois just west of Sugar Grove, and near the Aurora airport, to use as a ministry training and restoration center. We are conducting worship/word/and prayer services on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. We are also planning to have training classes on weekday evenings, and will be conducting several week-long training and impartation seminars in July and August. We will be providing more details on these institutes, classes, and impartation sessions.

We are also exploring the possibility of providing full-time ministry training for those wanting to receive greater in-depth training and anointing of the Spirit of God for their Divine destinies and callings to be fulfilled.

We pray that you will grow into His Divine purpose for you, your family, your church, your community, and your nation. The body of Christ needs what God has destined for you.

Rich and Kay Fick, Directors,
Cyrus Ministries International

Serving God as He Unites Heaven and Earth in Christ

Rich and Kay Fick, Directors, Cyrus Ministries International

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