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Revelation 18:4

A picture and theme have been developing within me. It began Sunday night, October 4, 1992 at a praise and worship service at our church.

The picture began with a scene of a large city with many houses, on a hill. It was dark, and the houses were brightly lit. People were gathered in the houses, where singing, laughter, partying and frivolity prevailed. As I gazed at the city, I found myself sobbing inside, and tears came to my eyes. I heard a voice saying, "Babylon is being destroyed, but My people are not ready."

Looking closer, I saw a flag over the city; on it was the word, "BABYLON." As I watched, the "grassy hillside" was rolled back like a carpet. Beneath the "grassy covering" were bamboo-like poles. The houses were not built on solid ground; rather each house was held up by a rather weak pole, each of which was labeled.

The pole labeled "Self-indulgence" held up a house filled with people eating, drinking, and partying -- continuously.

"Self-glory" was written on another pole. The house on this pole was filled with people making speeches about all their accomplishments; everyone was talking, but nobody was listening.

On another pole was written, "Self-dependence"; people in this house were busy trying to build themselves up with rigorous diets, exercise programs and body-building equipment. Some were seated at desks, busily reading the stacks of "knowledge" before them. "You can do it! Try harder!" was the slogan each person had written on his forehead as a reminder.

In the house labeled "Self-abandonment," people were living out their fantasies. Some were pretending to be super humans, or super athletes; others were living in fantasies of being world leaders; some were even claiming to be the savior of the world. Each was so absorbed in his own specially built, custom-made fantasy world that he failed to notice what was happening to him or around him.

Another house was supported by the pole of "Self-pity." Here each person had a towel on his shoulder; each would cuddle the head of another person on the towel placing his own head on the other's shoulder. The two of them would sob and wail and try to tell each other how bad they had it in life.

Still another pole was labeled "Hopelessness." The building on this pole was rather large -- like a multi-story hospital. People were coming into it, but none were being released; their wounds were considered incurable.

The house atop the pole of "Self-pleasure" was filled with people engaged in immorality; the groaning, lewdness, and stench from this house was overwhelming. The brief glimpse of these people revealed their gruesome facial expressions, and their bodies were being eaten by bugs and lice.

There was a house on the pole of "Freedom." Because people in this house were free from all rules, chaos reigned. Animals were all over; children were playing in filth; some were hanging out of windows with nobody concerned about it. People were literally squeezed together in door openings, each one trying to go his own way. Some were trying to go in and others out; some were wedged in. Each was doing his own thing, in the name of freedom.

There was a house in which everything seemed quiet. The occupants of this house sat around, each with a human-looking mask over his head. The conversations, very infrequent, centered on the weather, the latest baseball game, or activities of children. Every so often there would be an outburst of latent anger, after which all was quiet again. There were no carpets in this house; the floors were covered with eggs. The pole supporting this house was labeled "Denial."

There was a pole with "Busyness" written on it. In the house supported by this pole, the people were running from room to room, moving at a feverish pace. The people never seemed to get anywhere or to accomplish anything. Their busyness would cause them to leave things half done so they could start something else.

Another house rested on a pole labeled "Murmuring." Everyone in this house was complaining. There were special rooms for the various types of complaints. In the room containing those complaining about the weather, some people wore sunglasses; others wore mittens; some had umbrellas, while others had skis. Each person seemed to be telling the others how bad the weather was for him. In addition to the rooms labeled, "Politicians," "Restaurant food," "My Spouse," and "The Economy," a new addition was being built. This addition was labeled, "My Parents." This was for all those who had come into the latest fad item for complaining -- blaming parents, or dysfunctional families, for one's problems.

One house in Babylon had no one living inside. Rather, the people were living outside, in a tent near their house. This house was supported by the pole labeled "Excess." The house was filled with the accumulations of the stores of Babylon. The kitchen was filled with food supplies and appliances. There was no room at the table for the family, as even the table area was stocked full of food supplies. The living areas were filled with furnishings bought at "special savings." There were TV sets in almost every corner of each room, each one broadcasting a separate program from a different cable channel. No one was watching, as the chairs were filled with boxes of new sound equipment. The rooms were filled with video games, exercise equipment, antique lamps, and boxes of clothes bought on sale. The upstairs area was filled with rolls of rugs waiting to be laid; the original rugs, however, were already covered with new rugs bought at an earlier time. The beds were covered with more items of clothing waiting to be put into the new closets that were being built. (Three of the four bedrooms upstairs were being made into closets.) The family was living in a tent at the very edge of their property. They had just moved out of a large tent into this new, very small one. The larger tent had to be discarded to make room in the yard for the fourth TV-satellite dish to be installed.

There was a house that seemed separated from all the others. The label on the pole supporting this house said, "Witchcraft and Sorcery." The people in this house, few in number, were sitting quietly and meditating on a round glass-like object in the center of the room. Suddenly a rather grotesque-looking spirit appeared, followed by other spirits. Those present began a series of rituals, offering words, objects, and songs of adoration to these spirits. The whole group seemed to be caught up in their successes at keeping the city of Babylon under their control.

Openly mocking many of the community leaders, this "elite" group and the spirits present congratulated each other on the ways they had deceived and controlled the whole city. Then they reviewed different people and various sections of the city. The people performed rituals, sending forth the spirits to bring destruction and to work devastation in the geographical areas and in the lives of the people under review. Each time a section or a person was reviewed and a spirit released, a deeper level of darkness came over the city, and I heard moaning from beneath the houses. After a time, the "elite group" of people left the room, and I noticed that then the spirits remaining began to laugh and to mock those who had been in attendance. The spirits were mocking the "elite group" of people and rejoicing in their ability to deceive all the people--even this "elite group."

As I continued to look, I saw dungeons beneath the city. This is where the moaning I had heard were coming from. Here were the outcasts of Babylon. Here were those who had tried to escape this city but had been captured and thrown into prison. They were imprisoned by guilt, unworthiness, shame, fear, anger, and rage. The "functioning Babylonians" had dumped the guilt, shame, fear, and anger they themselves carried, onto those who had tried to speak out against them, or who had tried to escape the ways of Babylon. Many in these prisons had tried to help those living in the houses above, only to receive their shame and guilt.

Also in these prisons beneath the city were those who were unable to cope with the pressures of Babylon. These were outcasts, as they could not function as "good Babylonians." Some were broken by the stress, sorrow, and fears of the Babylonian lifestyle and were no longer able to function "properly." Some were addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, immorality, lust, and the like. Their sinful addictions had made them unable to cope as "normal" Babylonians. They had been thrown into the depths of the prisons, forever forgotten by the Babylonian society.

Continuing to gaze upon the situation, I noticed the wind increasing; a great storm was brewing. As I looked across the waters from which the storm was coming, I noticed another city in the distance. It was a city of great light. It was the city of THE LIGHT. The sea, which was near the city of Babylon, was now raging. As the waters came over the land and began to approach the hill, the poles at the outer edge began to rock. Some people began to cry for help. Most continued on in their sensuous living.

The voice I had heard earlier now began to say, "Come out of her, My people, lest you partake of her destruction." The gates of the city were opened. Light from the city of THE LIGHT across the waters was coming into the city, showing those living in the houses that a way out was available. The Light also showed the people the deceptions that had gripped them and had lead them to "enjoy" the false pleasures of Babylon.

Some people in the houses responded to the Light and came out; some simply ignored it. Many began to curse the Light and to run deeper into the houses, trying to escape the conviction that the Light had brought.

The Light also went into the prisons of Babylon. The gates of the prison were flung open. The bars of iron were broken. A route of escape was made available for all. Many came out. But, to my dismay, some here also refused to come to the Light. They remained deceived even in prison. Some had become adjusted to the darkness and feared the Light. Others had found a sort of comfort and even friends in their prison, and the self-pity of Babylon still gripped them. They literally wanted to stay in prison because here they found people willing to let them wallow in their self-pity.

Others in prison had been deceived into thinking that they would have to remain there forever; that even though a deliverer of sorts had come, they were forever destined to remain in prison. Therefore when the true Light came, they were unable to receive Him.

However, the Light remained in the prison. The penetrating effects of the Light began to soften even some of the hardest prisoners and the most deceived captives. As the Light continued to abide in the prison, some of these hardened and deceived prisoners even came out. It seemed that the Light had special patience, understanding, and love for these prisoners.

As I watched I saw a highway coming forth--a highway built above and across the raging sea of destruction--a highway of holiness, connecting the city of Babylon with the city of THE LIGHT.

The road to the highway was not easy; the walk along the highway was tiring at times. I saw waysides on the highway with signs: "Your daily bread," and, "Your word for the day." These rest areas were provided to afford the travelers strength and wisdom for the next day's journey.

Along the highway were buildings full of people enjoying the presence of the Light, singing songs of praise and adoration of the Light. Many of the travelers had been carrying things they had accumulated while in Babylon. At these waysides, the grace came to leave these burdens behind so that the journey would be easier. New Light seemed to fill the travelers as they released these burdens. Some of the travelers were receiving aid at these waysides. People who had received the Light were placing their hands on the weary ones, transmitting the Light into them.

On the highway there was peace. As difficult as the way seemed for some, others were there to encourage them. Sometimes those who needed the encouragement of the Light at one point of the journey were later able to encourage others with the Light they had received, even giving encouragement to some of those who had previously encouraged them.

Along the highway were some who were kneeling. Some were awestruck with the glorious revelation of the Light they had just received. Some of those who were kneeling were helping those who had fallen from the highway into the waters beneath. Most of those who had fallen from the highway were brought back, as their previous experiences with the Light enabled them to receive the special strength needed to enable them to be pulled back to safety.

I saw some along the highway looking over the side and weeping. I overheard them saying that a few of their friends had decided to go back to Babylon. The lies and pulls of Babylon had once again enticed those who had not rid themselves of the garments of Babylon. "Let them go," a voice seemed to say. "Press on with those who are following the Light."

At the end of the highway was the Prince of Peace, whose Light appeared brighter as the people came closer. He lived in a heavenly city, a city filled with His Light.  As He welcomed the travelers, they became filled with His Light. As they became filled with His light, He began to train them to operate in the ways of His new city--the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Mount Zion of God.  Those who came into this city began to receive and understand the way of living in the city of Light.  They were also being exposed to the ways in which the principles of the Light of the heavenly city could be brought into the reality of their earthly spheres of operation.  They were bringing the principles under which this city functioned into their spheres of living on the earth, using the Bible as their handbook for bringing the Light into the earthly realm.  These people began to realize they had access to this Heavenly city, and were being given new ways of conducting their affairs while living on the earth.  They began to realize that the “old city of Babylon,” which had dominated the life of the people on the earth, was going to be destroyed by a kingdom of intense darkness and cruelty.

The people who were being filled with the Light were being trained in the heavenly city so that they could establish the Kingdom of God on the earth.  Then I heard the Prince of Peace say, "Go back and bring My kingdom into the earth and bring others." He explained to me that we are to be coheirs with Him of the nations of the earth. This is why we are being trained so rigorously in our earthly life--not that we may only live in heaven above but that we may bring the Presence of God from there to the nations of the earth. Our very bodies would be a dwelling place of God; He would fill us with His presence, and through us He would go forth.  I began to realize that His desire was to fill all of heaven and earth with His glory, so that heaven and earth would be truly united. Heaven was to be on earth and earth was to be in heaven, just as The Light is to live in me and I am to live in Him.  There is a day coming in which the spiritual rulers over the people of Babylon will be cast down and we will be given spiritual thrones from which to rule with the Light.  All of a sudden things began to come together in my mind.  It was like the pieces of a puzzle suddenly being turned right side up and I knew where each one had its place.

I realized then that the highway I had observed, with people going from Babylon to the Prince of Peace, was only half of the road. What I had seen was actually half of a divided highway. One half was filled with people going into the Kingdom of heaven. Across the way was the other half--people coming from THE LIGHT, filled with His Light and Life, going back to Babylon--back to warn others. "Come out of Babylon, My people," were the words that once again echoed in my ears. These people of the Light were also heeding the words being spoken, “Rule in the midst of your enemies.”  My life had now taken on a depth of purpose that I had not previously known.  The songs of the angels before the throne began to resonate from deep within me as I joined them in singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is filled with His glory.”

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Joy to the world! The Lord has come! God has built a highway for us. The Lord Jesus is at the beginning of the highway, encouraging people to come out of Babylon. He is showing people the way to His cross, where they can experience His forgiveness and where they can put to death their ways of Babylon.

The Lord is at the end of the Highway, bringing all who have received His Light, into the Kingdom of His Father. But better yet, the Lord IS the Highway. Through His people, He is providing the wisdom and help necessary to guide those who are making the trip. He is also the One responsible for uniting us with His plan to fill heaven and earth.  That has been His eternal desire, and He will do it.  By living in us and uniting us with His Divine Nature, He will accomplish His desire, for this is the desire of His Father and is also the work and desire of the Holy Spirit of God.

Jesus Christ is the Light. He will deliver you. He will guide you. He will impart the Light of God into you. He will free you from the ways of Babylon, heal you from its wounds, and deliver you from its prisons. He can free all from the plagues, sorrows, and coming destruction of Babylon. He will free all those who come to His Highway--the Highway of His cross--the Highway of His Holiness --the Highway of His Life in us as the Highway into the Kingdom of His Father and the Highway of His Father’s Kingdom into us.



God the Father has given to Jesus Christ a position of honor and glory. He lived a sinless life, showing us how to live. He suffered the humiliation, agony and torture of death by crucifixion. He entered hell, experiencing separation from God. He did all this so that we could be forgiven of our sins.

He lived, empowered by the Holy Spirit of God, showing us how to live. He died, under the power of the Holy Spirit, showing us how to die to our self-centered ways. He was raised from the dead and given a position of power, authority, and glory over all the earth. Once again it was the Holy Spirit of God accomplishing this for Jesus, showing us that we too can be freed from the deceptive powers of hell operating in Babylon, through the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

God has exalted Jesus. He is our Savior. He is our Example of how to live. He is our Friend, Who wants to impart into our being through His Holy Spirit the very life into which He has now entered.

Jesus is calling His people to come out of Babylon. He is offering to have His Spirit live in them so that they can be empowered with the life of the Spirit of God, as He was when He walked on the earth. The Bible says that as many as received Him--as their example, as their Savior, as their source of life--that God would make them His children.  We can be filled with the Spirit of Christ. We must be filled with the Spirit of Christ. It is the only way out for each of us and for a dying world.


Having lived in the houses of Babylon, I know the frustration of trying to live in the world of Babylon and the kingdom of God at the same time. I know the deceptions of those living in the houses of Babylon.

Living in those houses only led me into the prisons of Babylon. Alcoholism almost did me in. But the LIGHT of Jesus has come into me. He has brought me out of the city and the prisons of Babylon. He has forgiven me, having taken my sins upon Himself as His Spirit has revealed them to me and brought me to repentance. He is removing from me the guilt and shame of my own sins, as well as the guilt I have taken on from others. He is healing the wounds and the pains of the rejection and insecurity I experienced while living in Babylon. 

He is filling me with His Light and He has brought me to Himself. Now He has anointed me sent me back to warn others, and to help them find the way out of Babylon, into His Light. Having come into His Light, He has now given us, and many others, authority over the nations and anointed us to help them come into their eternal destinies in His Light.


Come out of Babylon, people of God! It's not easy, and it will cost you everything you once thought was important to you. The price is high, but the risks of remaining in Babylon are great. The rewards of experiencing, manifesting, and living in the Light are beyond description. The satisfaction of leading others into the true Light is eternally rewarding.


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