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Booklet Outline:

Jesus Reigns
Jesus Is Our High Priest
Jesus Brings Us into His Victory

Jesus Mediates the New Covenant

Jesus Turns our Focus to God

We Can Rejoice

The Results

Jesus Is Lord and Christ-Passages and Questions

Personal Application

The message of the Christian Gospel is that God has exalted Jesus, who walked the earth almost 2000 years ago, to the position of being Lord and Christ. Jesus is Lord over all the nations, over all the universe, and over all the spiritual powers ruling in the heavenly places.

He is Lord of all. He is also Christ for all. He is the God-appointed channel through whom the blessings and character of God can come into us and upon us. Through Him, we can receive the Divine Character of God, giving us the ability to want what God wants, to love what He loves, and to know and participate in what He is doing.

In his sermon at Pentecost--the time when Godís Spirit came to live permanently in His people-- the apostle Peter said, "Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ." (Acts 2:36 KJV)

Jesus Reigns

Jesus is Lord. He has been given the position of authority and power over all the universe, over all the spiritual beings that men have elevated to positions of authority, over all the rulers of nations and federations of nations. Over all people, homes, families, cities, counties, and states, Jesus is Lord. He reigns; He has authority. God has elevated Him to this position

God is also committed to the task of establishing the reality of the Lordship and reign of Jesus. Our Heavenly Father is in the process of bringing to all, the realization and understanding of Jesusí Lordship. God is willing to manifest the reality of Jesusí reign to all who will submit themselves to it. He is willing to change peopleís hearts so they can know, desire, accept, and follow Godís plan as He brings about the reality of Jesusí Lordship to all.

The day will come when all people shall together realize that Jesus is Lord. Some will say, "Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord!" They will rejoice in the manifestation of this truth because it is something they have accepted by faith and have lived in. Others will say, "Oh no! Jesus is Lord!" They will bewail the fact, knowing they have lived under other gods and have committed themselves to serving the gods of self, of this world, and ultimately of Satan.

The message of the Christian Gospel--that Jesus is Lord--is good news for all who receive it. Jesus, the man who lived to restore to humankind the honor of living for God, has been exalted by God. Jesus, the man who lived to bring the reality of Godís love and healing presence to those in need, has been exalted by God. Jesus, the very Son of God who brought forth the power of God to those in need who sought Him, has been given the ultimate position of reigning over all. Jesus, who is God and whose becoming a man enabled Him to model for us a human lifestyle dependent upon the Spirit of God, has been given all authority over all men. Jesus, who knew the desires of Satan to use Godís creation and people for his own purposes, has defeated the powers of Satan by continually refusing to give in to him, thereby remaining faithful to the ways of God; He has been exalted so that He now rules over Satan. Jesus always did the will of His Father, even when it meant taking our sins upon Himself, dying a shameful death and being sent into hell for us, and being separated from God as punishment for our sins.

This same Jesus has been raised by God from the dead and now has been given the right, the authority and the power to rule over all. He is Lord.

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Jesus Is Our High Priest

Jesus is more than Lord--He is also Christ. He has been given a ministry to perform on behalf of His followers. He is our heavenly Christ, our heavenly High Priest. He sends forth His Spirit to all who come to Him. He is the anointed one through whom God sends forth His Spirit into the earth.

Though Jesus as our High Priest, we can become partakers of the Divine Nature of God. We do not become God, but rather God dwells in us so that we become more and more like Him, having the very nature and character of God developed in us.

Through having the Spirit of God sent into us, our spirit becomes alive to the things of God. We begin to love what God loves and hate what God hates. Serving God and living for Him become a natural outgrowth of having Him living in us through His Spirit. Jesus as our High Priest is called by God and given the ability to impart the Spirit of God over us and into us so that we can be filled with the very fire of Godís nature. We then have a love of holiness and righteousness and a hatred of the ways of Satan and of the things Satan uses to keep us focused on worldly things.

Through having the nature of God developed in us we can experience victory over the lusts of our old flesh and over the power of sin which had enslaved us to sinful passions-- anger, greed, envy, sexual immorality, ingratitude, murmuring, and the like. Through having the Holy Spirit continually given to us through Jesus, we have access to the wisdom, knowledge, power, counsel, understanding, and reverence of God. We begin to know that we know that things will work out all right; we begin to understand that God has a higher purpose than we see for the circum-stances in our lives. We begin to see God using our present difficulties to develop His character in us and to conform us into the image of Christ.

Jesus as our High Priest is living to intercede for us. We have a personal friend in heaven--a representative, one who understands our weaknesses and our needs since He was once in such a weakened state as we are. We have one who is constantly monitoring our needs and our inner desires, through the Holy Spirit whom He has sent to us. He is continually praying for us and representing us to God when we feel discouraged, incompetent, or under the accusations of Satan.

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Jesus Brings Us into His Victory

Jesus as our High Priest is able to impart His nature--the very nature of God--into our being. He is able to save us completely; He is able to impart to us His victory over sin, Satan, and the ways of this world, so that the victory He won when He took our nature upon Himself, and the victory He won when He took our sinful desires upon Himself at Calvary, would be made real in our lives as He lives His life in us. We can know His victory in the reality of our everyday life as we learn to rely on His life and to let the Holy Spirit work in us, bringing to death our sinful desires and ways.

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Jesus Mediates the New Covenant

Jesus as our High Priest reminds us that just as we have committed ourselves to Him, trusting Him to develop His life in us so that we confess our sins and walk in His ways, He commits Himself to us. Centuries before Jesus came, God had promised a New Covenant for His people, in which He would work in them so that they would know Him, trust Him, and follow Him. This would be Godís undertaking for His people.

As our High Priest, Jesus has become the Mediator of this New Covenant. Under the New Covenant, God has promised to write His ways in our hearts--to put within us a reverence for Him and His ways--so that we want to serve Him and to do His will. God has promised, under the New Covenant, to put His Spirit in us so that we know Him and become one with Him in our attitudes, desires, and actions.

Through Jesus, the blessings of the New Covenant become ours. Through the High Priestly reign of Jesus, who brings us the blessings of the New Covenant, we know God; we know that we are His children and that He wants only the best for us. We know all the resources that are available to us as children of God. We are able to know, receive, and live in Godís peace, His holiness, His righteousness, His wisdom, His understanding, His mercy, His counsel, His truth, and His life.

As our High Priest, Jesus encourages us to spend time with God, reading His Word, talking with Him, and meditating on His goodness and mercy. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit Jesus encourages and leads us to know, receive and reflect on the nature and character of God. We no longer are enamored with just the things of this world that God gives, but now we become enveloped by and consumed with the very character of God that His Spirit imparts to us. We no longer are consumed by our needs or activities; instead. We are enraptured by Godís character, focused on what He is doing in our situations.

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Jesus Turns our Focus to God

Letting Jesus our High Priest work in us, we become focused on the holiness of God, on His infinite majesty and wisdom, on His mercy and long-suffering even toward those who defile His ways. We become focused on His anger with the spiritual powers that have deceived the nations into thinking there is meaningful life without Godís manifest presence among and within them. We love the purity and holiness of Godís Being and the greatness of His love. We become aware and deeply appreciative of the love and passion the Father has for the Son and of the respect and dedication Jesus has for His Father. We become caught up in the respect, love, honor, and reverence that the members of the Godhead--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--have for each other. Our hearts become filled with a similar passion to know the depths of passion and fire that exist in the Godhead, and we become inflamed by wanting to experience and know this, and to have all the world know Godís plan and purpose.

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We Can Rejoice

As we come into the know-ledge, understanding and personal experience of Godís work on our behalf in establishing Jesus as Lord of all and Christ for all, we are filled with joy! We rejoice in the nature, wisdom, purposes and plan of our great and mighty God.

The Holy Spirit begins to break down the hardness of our heart. Our emotions come alive with songs of adoration. Our heart comes alive to the sense of Godís purity and majesty. We rejoice in what God is doing and in what we are becoming.

We know that all that is happening is by the grace of our great and glorious God. We rejoice in who God is and in His having chosen to reveal Himself to us. We rejoice in what God desires to do with us, in us, and through us. We rejoice that many will yet know God as He raises up people to go into all the world to proclaim His message. We rejoice in the knowledge that many of the evil spirits that are still allowed to rule in various territories, lands, nations, families, and people, will soon meet their demise as the reign of Jesus is manifested throughout the nations. We rejoice in Godís continuing plan to make the Lordship of Jesus an ever-increasing reality within us and through us. We rejoice in the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit and the power of the cross of Jesus to keep us dead to sin and alive to God and His ways. We rejoice in knowing that the glory of God is being displayed in ever greater ways so that God is being given the praise, honor, and worship He deserves.

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The Results

As we focus on our great and mighty God, and on Jesus who reigns in Glory, we will be increasingly changed into the likeness of Jesus. We will understand and know Godís purposes; we will know that Godís victory over sin and Satan, already accomplished in Jesus, will shine forth in our own lives and ultimately in all the world. We will find ourselves rejoicing in the names of God as they reveal His nature and ministry to us. We will rejoice that God is breaking down the strongholds of spiritual oppression so we can be free in our spirit to continually rejoice in Him. We will experience Godís healing of the wounds in our inner being. We will rejoice in knowing we have things to bring to those in need. We will come to God for wisdom and understanding so we can speak words from Him to those who are spiritually oppressed or in bondage to sin. We will rejoice as we see Godís Spirit moving on them, bringing them into an understanding and experience of His heavenly presence even while they are in the midst of their difficulty.

We will know the depths of Godís love for all people and His absolute hatred of the self-centered ways of Satan. We will rejoice in knowing that God has prepared a place of eternal punishment for Satan and his followers because of their rebellion against God and the harm and deceptions they have worked on Godís people.

We will find ourselves rejoicing with songs of praise to our God. We will find new songs coming forth from our mouths, reflecting the inner joy God has placed in us, which now wells up from deep within us. We will find ourselves shouting loud praises to God. We will find ourselves praying in earnest for others to know the glory of God and of His plan for them; we will want them to also rejoice in Godís greatness. Our rejoicing causes us to shout His praises, to worship the majesty and glory of His Being, to declare His judgments to ourselves, to others, and to the spiritual powers that seek to depress our spirit and hold others in bondage to their sinful ways.

Let us declare: "Rejoice! God is saving His people, destroying the ways of the world, avenging Himself on the powers of Satanís kingdom, and manifesting the glory of His name and character! LET US REJOICE!!"

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Passages and Questions for Further Reflection and Meditation


1. Look up the word "Lord" in a dictionary: what does it mean when we address someone as "Lord"?


2. Who elevated Jesus to His position as Lord? (Acts 2:32-36)


3. What is Jesus Lord over -- i.e. over whom does He reign? (Matthew 28:18)


4. Where does He reign? (Ephesians 1:20-23)


5. Why did God select Jesus to be Lord over all? (Hebrews 1:8,9; Philippians 2:6-9)


6. How is the reign of Jesus to be announced and implemented on the earth? (Ephesians 1:20-23)


7. What will be the final evidence of the Lordship of Jesus Christ? (Philippians 2:9-11)



1. The word "Christ" means "Anointed One." Jesus was anointed by God to do specific things, as part of His earthly ministry. What were some of them?

    a) Acts 10:38

    b) Luke 4:18

    c) Luke 10:19

    d) Matthew 12:15-21

    e) Matthew 8:16,17

    f) John 10:10

2. Jesus lives today. He has been given a ministry to perform in heaven. Just as He was Christ, the Anointed One, called to minister on earth, He is now Christ, the Anointed One, called to minister in heaven. Who exalted Christ to His position in heaven? (Acts 2:32-36)



3. What other ministry is Jesus, our heavenly Christ, performing today?

    a) Hebrews 2:17,18

    b) Hebrews 4:14-16

    c) Hebrews 7:25

    d) Hebrews 12:24

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Rejoice! Jesus is Lord. Rejoice! God's plan to wrest the dominion of the world from satan and his evil principalities and powers is accomplished. Jesus is Lord over all. Satan's kingdom has not yet been completely destroyed, but Jesus reigns in authority over him even now.

The kingdom of God and the Lordship of Jesus are to be proclaimed and demonstrated to the people of the world and the spiritual powers ruling over specific people, families, communities, churches, cities, states, nations, and continents. We are called to live under and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ.

For Reflection:

    * Is He truly my Lord, or am I being ruled by my own wishes, plans, and desires?

    * Am I seeking to know His will, or am I trying to get my own will and purposes accomplished?

    * Am I encouraging others to come under His Lordship, or am I trying to get others to follow me?

    * Do I really want others to follow my example of living under the Lordship of Jesus?

Jesus is Christ. He is my heavenly High Priest. He can impart His life into my spirit. He can share with me His nature, His holiness, and His love of right living and of holy things.

He can change me. He can take away my sin, my pain, my fear, my anger, my anxiety, my depression, and my desire to do my own thing. He can give me His life, His character, His peace, His glory.

As my heavenly High Priest, He is called to bring me into the presence of God. He is called to cleanse my conscience, my inner being, with His blood. He is called to pray for me, to stand by me, and to comfort me.

Jesus, the Lord of all, is called to be my Christ. As my Christ, Jesus is able to change me. He can free the alcoholic or the drug addict. He can heal the broken- hearted, the depressed, and the poor in spirit. He can use those who have messed up their life. While on earth, Jesus said, "Come." Now in heaven, He says the same.

Will you receive Him--will you seek Him to be your Lord and your Christ? He wants to impart His life into your spirit. He desires to live His life within you. He can do this because He has been called and empowered by God the Father for this task.



Lord Jesus, I confess You are Lord; that all authority has been given to you in heaven and in earth. I believe you are the heavenly Christ, my High Priest, willing to bring me into the presence of God the Father, and desiring to impart Your life, Your character, and Your nature to me.

I receive You as my Lord and Christ. Come and live within me; forgive me for living apart from You and Your will. Forgive me for the sins I've committed. Cleanse me and change me and help me to seek to know and follow Your will each day. Amen.

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