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Spiritual History Information

A.  Foreign gods

1.  Have you or any members of your family been involved with other religions (Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) or Eastern Meditation (Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, etc.)?




2.  Were you or any members of your family involved with occult practices or witchcraft?




3. Have you or your family members been involved with non-Christian organizations (the new age, freemasonry, fraternities, cults, etc)?




B.  Relationships

 1. Family Relationships

     A) Have you had difficulty with family relationships (father, mother, siblings, etc)?




     B) Have you had marital problems or separations?




     C) Who were/are the dominant individuals in your life?




2. Church-related Experiences and Relationships

     A) Describe your childhood attitudes toward God and the church:




     B). Have you experienced conflicts with church leaders or their beliefs?  Explain.




C.  Personal History

1. Do you have problems with continual sins (anger, lust, lying, etc)? 




2. Have you ever fallen into sexual disorders (adultery, masturbation, pornography, incest, etc)?




3. Are you plagued by emotional distress (fear, anxiety, depression, etc)?




4. Were major sins of abuse committed against you in your childhood?




5. Do you have (or have you had) spiritual encounters?




6. Are there particular areas of the Christian life that seem difficult (prayer, tithing, etc)?




D.  Curses, Vows, and Generational Sin Patterns

 1. Curses

A curse is a wish, statement, or judgment made about you or spoken over you, usually by one in authority over you.  It is a statement calling for misfortune to come upon you, or a statement about you and/or your generations.  Curses might come from parents making statements like, “You’re so stupid,” or, “You’ll never amount to anything,” or “You’re just plain lazy,” etc. Curses may come from those in contact with the realm of evil spirits, and these “practicing spiritists” may assign a spirit to the person or family being cursed to work out the desires of those affixing or speaking the curse.  Curses of poverty, drunkenness, disease, death, and violence may be spoken by those moving in this realm and may affect families for generations

Have there been recurring tragedies in your generations?




2. Vows 

A vow is a promise or pledge made.  We often make vows to ourselves, binding ourselves to a particular course of action.  These vows, or self-fulfilling prophecies, then hold us in bondage.  We might say, “I guess I’ll never lose weight,” or, “I’ll never forget this,” or, “I will always be an alcoholic,” or, “I’ll get back at you if it’s the last thing I do.”   Ask God to reveal to you any vows through which you have bound yourself. 

Are you aware of any?




3. Generational sin patterns. 

As mentioned in the previous section, the sins of the fathers might be visited upon the succeeding generations for up to four generations. (Ex 20:5)

Are there recurring ancestral sin patterns that you know of?




Finally, take time to thank God for the things He has sown into your heart through your generations.  Thank Him for your parents and for your grandparents.  If you come from a Christian heritage, thank God for the truths He has revealed to you through your generations and for the love He has brought into your life through them.





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