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The Call and Vision of Cyrus Ministries International

God has called us to do this. Seven different times in our lives He has given specific directions for our ministry.

1. In 1975, while I (Rich) was in my office at IBM, the Lord inspired me to pray for His church to become a place of healing for people. He sent wave after wave of His Spirit upon me to affirm His desire to use me in this way. Since then we have ministered healing and taught healing seminars under His healing anointing in our home, in our church, in the nations, and most recently in our Big Rock facility. The impartation of healing accompanies the teaching of it.

2. Feed My lambs; shepherd My sheep; feed My sheep. God spoke these words to me while I attended a seminar put on by Campus Crusade for Christ; they were part of my conscious thoughts for several days, as they were being written on my heart. We have always had small groups meeting in our homes, from 1975 until this present time. There were periods when we had over 120 at the several home meetings we had each week. Now God is using us to teach and train others in leading home group gatherings. We have prepared booklets for discipleship training, and a ministry manual to help others learn how to pray for the release of people from spiritual, emotional, and physical bondage.

3. The CMI anointing. In 1977 the Lord spoke to Kay and me about the ministry of Cyrus as described in Isaiah 45. He also brought the anointing He placed on Cyrus upon each of us. Since then He has broadened our understanding of the Cyrus anointing and shown us how He wants to use us as He brings His people out of the spiritual Babylon into His heavenly Kingdom--the New Jerusalem. We are presently being asked to bring others into the understanding and experience of the Cyrus anointing, and we are establishing International Cyrus Healing and Restoration Centers, beginning in Big Rock.

4. Jesus is speaking from heaven. The message of Jesus speaking from heaven during the times of shaking is described in Hebrews 12:22-30. This was one of two words God gave when He called me to visit with Him at Mt. Sinai in 1979. In November of 1978 God told me to go to Mt. Sinai in February of 1979. He affirmed this call by pre-announcing the sex and birth date of our second child. Kay was 8 months pregnant at the time. Tim, our second child, was born, according to Godís word to me, on December 29. Jesus is speaking from heaven. We need to live in this reality, and worship and reverence Him. We are personally experiencing a deeper understanding and experience of our being in Christ and of His dwelling in us, and we are training people in listening to, hearing, and responding to Godís voice. He is shaking us individually, as a church, and as a ministry, and He is shaking all of the heavens and the earth. He is establishing His kingdom in all His people and preparing His bride for the coming spiritual battle and for our heavenly and eternal purposes. We are establishing our Big Rock Restoration Center as a place for people to hear from Him, to worship Him and to follow Him as He fills heaven and earth with His Divine will and glory. We expect to have continuous prayer and worship in this facility.

5. God is establishing His foundations in the heavens, on the earth, and in His people. This is the second word God gave me at Mt. Sinai in 1979. This word is based on Isaiah 51:16. Our ministry has been raised up to bring truth into the inner spirit of people, as God reveals the lies they have received, believed, and are acting upon. His word brings truth, which brings freedom and healing. Through prayer and prophetic intercession and declarations, God is establishing His word in our families, communities, churches and nations. He is preparing His bride to reign with Him and to bring forth His judgments onto the earth. We are participating in this work through training His people, helping them to come into their eternal destinies, and through "following God as He unites heaven and earth in Christ." The latter statement is the theme of this ministry. This is being done locally and throughout the nations.

6. CMI is to be an International Ministry, called to serve the Jews and Arabs in Israel, and peoples from many nations. This word came in January of 1990 as the Spirit of God visited another elder of our church and me during an eldersí prayer gathering. During this time God gave us His heart for Israel and told me to lay down Cyrus Ministries. Then He spoke again and said to receive the mantle of Cyrus Ministries International. God has increased our ministry with other nations; now several internationals are coming to our Big Rock facility to receive training, equipping, and impartation.

7. CMI is called to be an international healing, training, fathering, restoring, and releasing ministry. We are to relate with, serve, and oversee individuals, churches and ministries in other locations. This word came during our trip to Kenya in January of 2002. Individually and collectively, 18 leaders from churches in Kenya asked CMI to oversee their ministry. Their Bishop brought the same request. Since that time we have been asked to work similarly with other local and international churches and ministries. Prophetic words from others are confirming these requests. What God has spoken in secret, He is now having His people request. What people are requesting is being affirmed through His prophetic voice in others. We are also networking with other apostolic and fivefold ministries to come under their counsel and fellowship. We have been given use of a facility in Big Rock, Illinois for this purpose. God has also provided a home in this area for us. He is moving our ministry into His place, and He has provided us with a home as we center on building His house in His people and in His world. God is truly expanding His church and restoring His foundations as ministries network.


Serving God as He Unites Heaven and Earth in Christ

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