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A Thought for the Week--Glorify God in Christ

Friday, February 16, 2007

"I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You have given Me to do." (John 17:4 NKJ)

God created us with a heart that could appreciate what is beautiful and marvelous. Satan has blinded us to the glory of God and exalted himself and his ways, which can appear to be better than ours, and deceived us into thinking that he was the most glorious of beings. He was created as one of the highest of the heavenly beings but looked at himself and stopped looking at God and then fell into rebellion against God and tried to lead others into his rebellion. He promised to give others more than they were receiving from God and deceived them into thinking that being in his kingdom would be better than living in Godís kingdom.

We were created with the ability to appreciate and exalt things. Jesus knew this and lived to exalt His Father. He lived for Him, and He lived in Him. He wanted others to come into this place, so He humbled Himself and became a man, becoming weak like us.

He came to glorify His Father and to do His will. He had faith in His Fatherís plan. He stayed in the "corral" of His Fatherís will. He waited until age 30 to begin His ministry because He trusted in His Fatherís plan. He glorified God in exalting the will of God over His own human will. He glorified God in waiting for His Fatherís timing. He was obedient to His Fatherís will and principles. He let people know that He loved to glorify His Father. He knew He would have to die for our sins. This act would bring glory to His Father. He knew that He was not eternally destined to remain in death. He knew that He was called to glorify His Father by being in heaven with Him. He knew He was the One through whom the Holy Spirit would come to earth so that we too could be filled with the life of God and glorify Him. He even trusted in His Father to raise Him from the dead so that He could glorify God when He would be brought back into heaven. He asked God to glorify Himself so that He could glorify us with His glory so that we too could glorify God. He knew that we needed the life of God in us in order to glorify God. He would glorify us with His glory so that we could be one with His Father and glorify God.

Jesus was motivated by doing all things to bring glory to His Father. God could then entrust Him with His Divine resources and power to help people. Jesus desires that we too should do miraculous works. But first He must do a more miraculous work in us in freeing us from the desire to draw attention to ourselves. Jesus knows the joy and rewards of living to bring glory to His Father and does not want us to miss out on this highest of the highest motivations and blessings--living to bring glory to God.

Father, we confess that Your ways are superior and Your wisdom, desires and power are far above all others. Help us to live to bring glory to You through Christ living in us. Amen.


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