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Week of June 26, 2006 - "SEE JESUS" - Hebrews 2:9-13

Monday June 26, 2006


But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor, that He, by the grace of God, might taste death for everyone. Heb 2:9

But we see Jesus -----   This is the key to our Christian life, seeing Jesus.  My flesh says, “Look at me!  Look at what I can do.”  This often keeps me from drawing supernatural strength and wisdom from God and doing things that are far and above what I as a mere man can do.  More often my flesh says, “Now look at what you have done! What a mess you have made of things,” or, “See all your sins or failures.”  This brings on levels of guilt or shame that keep me under self-condemnation.  But when I see Jesus, I see Him imparting His life and supernatural wisdom into me.  When I see Jesus after I have failed, I see Him leading me to confess my sins and then imparting His life into me so I can overcome those old ways and live in His Spirit, thus overcoming the desires of my sinful nature.  Seeing Jesus gives me hope for myself and for others.  I can help them to see that I am seeing Jesus, so they too can know the blessedness of a life that lives in Him and for Him.  Seeing Jesus, crowned with glory and honor, reminds me that He reigns over all things and that God is bringing all things under His rule.  There is strength for today and vision for tomorrow when I see Jesus.

Father, You are holy and You are righteous.  Your plans and purposes are far above mine.  I rejoice when I realize that You have exalted Your Son, because of what He did and because of what was done to Him.  Father, help me to see Jesus.  Help me to see Him crowned with glory and honor.  Help me to see Him imparting His life into all of me.  Help me to see Him living for others through me.  Let Your Holy Spirit flow through His life in me to others so that they too can see Jesus.  Amen


Tuesday June 27, 2006


For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. Hebrews 2: 10

God created all things through Jesus and for Jesus.  God created us so that we could know Him through Jesus.  God created us so that we could receive the life and nature of Jesus and become one in Spirit with Him.  We were created so that we could become partakers of the divine nature of God by having Jesus living in us.  We will be filled with the glory of God as God glorifies His nature in us. 

Our flesh wants to glorify itself.  The world wants us to glorify the ways of the world.  Satan wants us to glorify him.  God allows us to suffer in the world, so that we see the ways of our old self, of the world, and of Satan as our enemies.  God uses suffering to give us a hatred of evil.  God will judge all acts of evil.  He will remove evil from His people, and will remove evil from the world.  He will perfect us through suffering so that we can participate with Him in His eternal plan for all of His creation. 

Jesus suffered because of evil people and evil spirits in this world.  He overcame sin, the desires of others for us to sin, and the power of evil spirits to entice us to sin.  He suffered the consequences of sin and evil in the world for us.  He is the leader for us, showing us how to live in this world. He was perfected through sufferings so that we too could be perfected through sufferings.  Sufferings are real, but they will not last.  Jesus went through sufferings for us and with us.  Once again the key is to “See Jesus.”

Father, thank You for sending Your Son to die for me so that my sins can be forgiven and removed from me.  Thank you for sending Your Son to live for me so that I might know how to live.  Thank You for sending Your Son to live in me so that I can know how to go through sufferings in this world.  Help me to continue to see Him in all areas of my life and my being so that others might know You.  Amen


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


For both He who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified are all of one, for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren, Heb 2:11

Jesus is sanctifying us. He wants us to become filled with the Holy Spirit of God as He is, so that we live for God as He did.  He is making us holy, so that we love God’s will and purposes so that we can rule in God’s kingdom with Him.   He has been given the ministry of being the Mediator of the New Covenant.  Under this covenant God promises to put His ways into us so that we can overcome all our enemies and want to serve Him in holiness and righteousness (Luke 1:74-5).  Jesus is the way that God has chosen to do this for us.  God’s life is in Jesus, and through Jesus we become partakers of that life.  As the Life of God grows into us and becomes part of all of our being, our thoughts, desires, and attitudes become changed.  We become united with the character of God.  We become one with Him.  We become trained and equipped to rule with Him over this earth and to reign in His kingdom eternally.  This is the promise of the New Covenant and the prayer of Jesus for us in John 17:21-24.

Knowing God’s plan for us, and knowing His call and God-given authority, Jesus knows that we can be all that God wants us to be.  We can fulfill God’s eternal destiny for us just as Jesus did.  Jesus unashamedly calls us His brothers.  He does not wait for us to go through certain cleansing processes or certain steps of maturity before He calls us His brothers.  We are sons of God when we are translated out of the kingdom of darkness into His kingdom.  Since we then have the same Father, we are called brothers.  We are joint heirs with Christ into the eternal plan, blessings and kingdom of God our Father.  The world seeks for all to be brothers and says all paths lead to the same God.  However, Jesus says He is the only way into the kingdom of His Father.  Only through Him can we receive the nature of God and become one with God.  This is God’s plan--to sanctify us for His purposes and unite us with His Son, who is the eternal Savior of the world.

Father, thank You for bringing me into Your family.  Thank You that through Jesus I am now Your child.  Thank you that through Jesus I am being sanctified-- being set apart from the ways of this world into your ways.  Help me to see Jesus.


Thursday June 29, 2006


(Jesus is speaking) saying: "I will declare Your name to My brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You." Hebrews 2:12 (NKJV)

Jesus speaks for us and about us to His Father, telling Him that He will declare His name to us.  Jesus wants us to know God as our Father.   Knowing God as His Father, Jesus consistently gave testimony on earth to that truth.  Trusting His Father, Jesus gave Himself to Him, so that the Father’s will could become one with the will of a human being.  God honored Jesus as His Son, affirming His sonship by audibly speaking the words to Jesus, “You are My Beloved Son.” (Matthew 3:17; Matthew 17:5)  When the disciples saw Jesus in close communion with God, they asked Him to teach them to pray as He did.  Jesus told them to begin with acknowledging the truth that God is their Father.  Because Jesus knew the heart of His Father, He taught His disciples to know God as their Father.  He is still speaking to His Father today, and He is telling His brothers to call God by His revealed name--Father.

Jesus wants us to praise and honor His Father and to know it is good to worship God.  He sings praises to God in our assemblies.  He said that He will be where two of us gather together in His name.  He is there for us to see Him worshipping His Father, Who is holy.  His plans and purposes for us are awesome.  He is to be worshipped because of His wisdom and His nature, which is to do all things well and only what is right.  Jesus knows He is worthy to be praised, and He lives to praise His Father.  Jesus wants us to be like Him, knowing and praising His Father and ours.  See Him doing this because it is the right thing for Him to do.  See Him doing this in our assemblies so that we follow His example and do the right thing.  See Jesus praising His Father.  Join with Him.

Father, You are Holy.  It is good for us to worship you.  It is good for us to glorify You and Your ways by doing the things You ask us to do, as Jesus did.  Thank you that You reveal to us that Jesus is worshipping You as we come together with Him in our midst.  Help us to see Jesus worshipping You.  Help us to see Jesus declaring Your name as Father to us.  What a great and glorious God You are!  How great is Your Son, who does all things for us and then in us.  We   praise you, Father Son and Holy Spirit!


Friday June 30, 2006


And again (Jesus is speaking) "I will put My trust in Him." And again: "Here am I and the children whom God has given Me." Hebrews 2:9-13 (NKJ)

Jesus is still speaking in this passage in Hebrews.  Now He is speaking to us.  He is saying to us that He is still trusting in His Father.  He is still bringing forth the plan of His Father as He did when He walked the earth.  He is encouraging us and showing us how to continually live now and in eternity.  Our Father has the plan.  He reveals the plan through His Son.  The Spirit of God energizes the plan of God so that it is brought forth into the world.  God is still revealing His plan through His Son.  Jesus is still trusting in His Father.  Jesus is still encouraging us to trust in the plan of His Father as it is being revealed to us.  We are never too mature to not have to trust in God.  Jesus is still trusting in His Father.

Jesus also knows our need to be childlike.  He told His disciples that they must receive the kingdom of God with the trust of a little child (Mark 10:15).  We tend to think we can reach a level of maturity so that we no longer need the faith of a child.  Jesus reminds us that He is still trusting His Father.  He knows that He is called to father God’s children for Him so that we can be and grow into all God has for us.  One of the names of Jesus is our “Everlasting Father.”  He will always be fathering us in the ways of His Father, so that we can father others in the ways in which He has fathered us. Fathers disciple their children.  Jesus discipled His children, through fathering them as He was fathered.   We too are called to be disciples.  Jesus will disciple us.  He also calls us to disciple the nations.  We have a responsible assignment from God which is impossible to fulfill by ourselves.  We need the power and revelation and life of God.  Once again Jesus is our example.  He did it and is still doing it and reminding us how we are to do it.  Let us see Jesus, telling us that He is still trusting in God and reminding us that we are His children.  He is fathering us so we can disciple the nations for and with Him.

Father, once again we are awed by Your wisdom and Your greatness.  There is none like You.  We stand in awe as we hear Jesus telling us that He is still trusting in You, reminding us to do the same.  We are in awe as He reminds us that we are His children, and He is calling us to Himself just as He said on earth, “Let the children come to Me.”  Help us to trust in You, Father, through Jesus, and to remain a little child coming to Him so we can receive from Him all that we need to live and reign with You and Him in Your kingdom.  Amen.


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