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Jesus Cares - February 9, 2010

Jesus Cares – He had compassion on the multitude and healed their sick (Matthew 14:14).† Jesus cares for sick people.† We know that.† Jesus also cares for groups of well people and heals the sick that are among them.† This we do not usually focus on; we in our western mindset tend to only think of people as individuals.† We’ve lost our group mentality.† God treats people as individuals, members of a family, members of a clan or tribe, and citizens of a city and of a nation.† All levels of our society need healing.

When Jesus had compassion on the multitudes, He was moved in His inner being.† The word “compassion” implies a moving of the spleen or inner organs of the person.† Jesus cares deeply about our needs; He is not one who quickly observes and acts and then rapidly moves on.† He cares deeply about the needs of the multitude, and desires to do something about these needs.† He is affected by our needs--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual--and His Spirit is moved in the inner depths of His being by them.

We can be overburdened by the cares of life or the needs of others.† This is why we are told to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us.† This is why we are told to pray for one another so we can be healed.† We are blessed as we pray for each other, our families, our cities, the body of Christ, our nation, and the world.† †We want to help you do this, and we need you to help us help others. God is networking many locations throughout the world in a similar vision.†† Jesus will give us supernatural wisdom and power as we gather together to worship and pray.† We are seeing this happen.†

Let us give thanks to our God who was and is and is to come.† His eternal plans for all of His people and His creation have already been completed in heaven and are now being released into the earth through His people.† Hallelujah!

Father, we rejoice in You as You are uniting all things in Christ. Help us to follow as You lead us onward. Amen.

Jesus Cares - February 10, 2010

Jesus Cares--He prayed for His disciples and revealed God’s eternal purposes to them amidst their trials.† Peter was a leader of the disciples.† He received revelation from God, giving testimony to the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.† When Jesus went to the cross, He knew that Peter would deny Him three times and then be tempted by Satan to destroy himself as Judas would.† But Jesus said, “I have prayed for you so that your faith will not fail; and when you are restored, strengthen the brothers.”

Jesus, seeing the pride of the disciples and Peter’s denial, prayed for Peter.† Jesus remembered Peter’s faith, confessing Jesus as the Holy One of God, and also as the Messiah of God.† Jesus did not bemoan Peter because of his upcoming sin, but rather prayed that through this sin Peter would see his pride and be restored and the brothers would be blessed.† Jesus saw the good that would come to the disciples through Peter’s restoration after his sin.† Jesus restored Peter and commissioned Him in the process.

We are blessed today as we realize that God’s eternal plan and destiny for His people, for His church and for the nations of the world will come about, in spite of our lapses into sin and pride.† Jesus is able to save us completely, the Bible says, since He ever lives to make intercession for us.† The Bible tells us that God works all things for His good and His purposes.† Jesus will bring us into complete restoration and redemption; this is one of His missions as our Heavenly Prophet, Priest, and King.

We can enter into and accomplish all that God has for His world.† All nations will serve Him, all kings and families will serve Him.† Many will be lost and be removed from the earth, but God’s kingdom will be manifest on the earth through Jesus living in His people.† Jesus is praying and declaring the things of His eternal kingdom in this time. We are to pray also and declare the things we are hearing Him declare.† †His kingdom is ever-increasing from His heavenly throne.† The zeal of God our Father will accomplish these things.† Hallelujah!

Father, we rejoice that You are bringing all things under Christ.† Help us to follow Your Spirit as You lead us in these great days.† Amen.

Jesus Cares - February 11, 2010

Jesus Cares--He wants the best for us.† He came to give us life--a new life--a life filled with the nature of God.† Jesus was and is God.† He was one with God in eternity before He came into the world. He then became a man, given a human nature like ours.† He had feelings and desires, attitudes and thoughts like any other human being.† However, He brought the nature and character of God into His humanity.† He was a man like us, but still had the nature of God.† He was a God-man.† In His humanity He was weaker than the spiritual powers that rule the earth.† He had to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to do and be all God wanted Him to do and be.† Since He and His Father were still united in their desires and emotions and in their plans and purposes, God was able to dwell in Christ, even when He was in His weak state of humanity.† Jesus lived in communion with His Father, doing what He saw, through His spirit, His Father doing.† He spoke what His Father wanted Him to speak and grew in stature and experience just as any other human.

This is the way God wants us to live.† He wants us to be one with Him as Jesus was.† Jesus worked out a human life that was always in fellowship with and obedient to the will of His Father.† When He died, He gave that life to His Father, so we now can partake of His life, and have the Divine nature of God in us.† God is then able to translate us out of our old sinful nature into the Divine nature.† This is a process.† The Bible promises that we can put off the old man and put on the New Man, created in Christ Jesus.† Now Jesus lives in heaven, manifesting His life in us through the Holy Spirit.† Living in the new life of Christ which is in us enables us to overcome the sinful ways of our old life.† We are, through Christ, dead to sin and alive to the purposes of God.† This is a reality God is able to bring forth in us.† We can bring to Christ the griefs and sorrows still present in our spirit, soul and body, and receive healing of our tri-fold nature.† We can function as God has always wanted us to function—since before He created us and before we fell into sin.† The purposes and plans God had for us can now come forth from within us as Christ lives in us and we live in Him, becoming united and fully redeemed in spirit, soul, and body.

We are living in days of increasing darkness on the earth, but also increasing realization and manifestation of the reality of the life of Christ working in us and through us.† Jesus Cares; He overcame Satan, our sinful ways, and the ways of this world when He went to the cross.† He did that for us so that now He can do that in us.† We are being transformed into new levels of unity with God through Christ in us.† Jesus Cares.† He has faith in Himself that He can do these things for us.

Father, we rejoice in the great work You have done, are doing, and will do in us and through us, through Jesus.† Help us to embrace, receive and increasingly manifest the truth that Jesus Cares.

Jesus Cares - February 12, 2010

Jesus Cares--He is bringing us back into the rest of God.† Jesus saw the people wandering around without purpose.† He had compassion for them; He knew the word of God in Jeremiah 50:6,7: My people have been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray; they have turned them away on the mountains; they have gone from mountain to hill; they have forgotten their resting-place. †All that found them have devoured them; and their adversaries said, We are not guilty, because they have sinned against Jehovah, the habitation of righteousness, even Jehovah, the hope of their fathers. (ASV)

Jesus told us to come to Him and He would give us rest.† We need to rest from our striving, our fears, our guilt and shame.† God has a plan--for us, for our family, for our community, for the body of Christ, and for our nation.† He had this plan before the foundation of the world.† This plan is contained in Himself; He is united with it and committed to it.† His plan is holy, above anything we, or anyone else, can figure out or imagine.† God is resting in His plan.† He invites us to enter into it and to participate with Him in its outworking. †God reveals His plan in the Bible.† He wants to reveal His plan to us as we seek revelation through His Word by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the center of God’s plan.† He knows how to bring us back into living for the will of God rather than for our own desires or will.

When we live for ourselves, we wander about aimlessly.† The spiritual powers then see us in that state and say among themselves that they can wreck havoc and difficulty in our lives because we have left the will and purposes of God.† They feel justified in keeping us in darkness or in sin or pain or poverty or shame or guilt.† However, God also knew that they would do this, and He has provided a way through the suffering and death, and now the resurrected life of Jesus in us, to restore us to His eternal plan.†

In these days, God is supernaturally revealing His plans and purposes to His people.† With this revelation being given and our daily receiving empowerment to accomplish the tasks of the day, given by God, we can have deep purpose and meaning in our lives.† When we live in the rest of God, we have spiritual authority over the powers of evil that yet rule in the heavenly places.† When we know that the blood of Jesus has dethroned the right of the evil powers to wreck havoc in our lives, we can walk in a sense of Divine empowerment and authority, working with God as He brings all things under Christ through us.† We can know, receive, declare and live in the rest of God.† Jesus reigns; God will bring about His plan.† It will happen because Jesus Cares.

Father, help us to live in Your rest through Christ living in us, and our knowing that Jesus Cares.† Amen.



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