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Victory and Life in Africa

God created Africa and the people of Africa to show His glory to all the nations.  The Bible says that God has a purpose and destiny for individuals, families, communities, and nations of the world.  There are many rich deposits of God's glory that He has put into Africa.  Many of these resources and deposits in His people and land have been under the dominion of other natural and spiritual rulers.  However, like other nations, the nations of Africa are being and will be restored.  God is working in Africa.

Thru Jesus, God is transforming the people of Africa into His image.  Thru Jesus the eternal destinies and purposes of God for Africa are being revealed, received, and are being accomplished.  God is doing a great work among the nations of Africa.  Many Africans are being released to go to other nations and share and impart to them what God is doing in Africa.  Many from other nations are being sent by God to go and help the people of God in Africa come into their eternal destinies and to be instruments of God as He brings the nations of Africa into their destinies.  God is networking His church to work together so that He might thru Jesus "Disciple the nations."

We, in Cyrus Ministries International, have been called by God to work with Him in His land of Africa.  We have been given grace to receive many African Americans into our gatherings.  Many of them have ministered to us.  We have had the privilege of discipling some of them, helping them to come into their God given destinies in Christ.  We have visited other churches and ministered to African Americans in our region.  We have had people from the continent of Africa come and impart to us and our gatherings what God has given them for our land and nation.

In the past several years, God has called us to go to Africa.  In 2000, we went to Burkina Faso, teaching and training missionaries on spiritual warfare.  God showed His power and love as we were there.  In 2001, we were asked to come with a team and minister among a group of churches in Kakemega, Kenya.  God showed His power and love as He ministered healing and life to many during this time.  In 2002, we returned and provided training for pastors and leaders in Kenya.  We gave them what God had given us in ministering His life and power to others.  We taught them how to break down curses and spiritual strongholds that are over individuals, lands and nations.  We were then asked to provide oversight for these churches.  Later that year God brought Christian leaders from Africa and other nations to our home.  During that time, He gave revelation to us how to help the rural Kenyans begin to come into economic freedom.  We are now assisting the churches by providing cows for the pastors.

In 2003, we went to Nigeria and back to Kenya.  While in Nigeria we once again saw the power and love of God released.  We were able to impart some of the anointing given to us to other leaders in the church of Nigeria.  Once again we are being asked to help oversee some churches and to network with them.  We are being asked to help teachers in the schools minister life and healing to their pupils.  God has given creative ways for the leaders in Nigeria to minister to the economic needs of the people also.  We will, God willing, be assisting them in their efforts.

While in Nigeria, God bonded us together with a ministry in South Africa.  We will shortly be going there to determine the relationships and work God has for Cyrus Ministries International in South Africa.

While in Kenya on this last trip, we were able to teach the pastors some principles in consecrating their land and bringing forth the eternal destiny of God for their area.  The first of the cows was given and reports are that the land is being blessed, and the churches are receiving the vision for themselves and others.

Since returning, we have been asked to come into other parts of Kenya and into Uganda and other places.  We continue to grow in our relationships with Africans in our own land and with Africans sent by God into our nation.

The major areas of ministry we have been given in our relationships with Africans include:

  • Bringing the healing ministry of God thru Christ to and thru His people.

When Jesus sent out His disciples he told them to heal the sick.  Many Africans need healing.  Some have resorted to witch doctors and other spirits.  God is showing His love and His power as He anoints us with His Spirit so we can fulfill His command to "go and heal the sick."

  • Demonstrating to people the reality of spiritual strongholds and curses through ministering the blessings of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus said we should not go into a place to destroy the works of Satan until we take authority over the ruling spiritual strongmen.  He was made a curse for us, so that we can receive the blessings of God.  Many curses have been placed over the peoples and lands of Africa.  God has sent us and equipped us to help the people know and experience His victory and the blessings of His kingdom.

  • Imparting to others the reality of God in Christ in us.

Jesus showed us the reality of God living in Him.  He said that it was God in Him who gave Him the words to speak.  He said it was God who showed Him what to do.  He said it was by the power of the Spirit on Him and in Him that He was able to cast out demons.  We are able to have supernatural power and wisdom as we minister in Africa because God is in Christ who is in us.  We bring this reality and impartation to others in Africa.

  • Knowing the heart and love of our Father thru Christ

Jesus was filled with all the fullness of God.  He knew the love of His Father.  He desires this for us.  We are to be filled with all of God's fullness.  God is doing this for us.  Jesus is teaching us how to relate to God as our Father as He did.  He knows how, as The Son, to relate to His Father.  He did that in eternity, before He became a man.  He did that on the earth.  He is doing that now, in eternity. He is imparting His ability to be a son of God.  He is fathering us in the Fathering ways of His Father.  He is giving us the ability to impart His fathering ability to others, so they might know God as their loving Father.  This message we are bringing to the children of God in Africa, and to the fathers of God's children in Africa.

  • Coming into the intimacy with Christ thru our bridal relationship

God created us so that His Son could have a bride, one who was in intimate communion and fellowship with Him.  As a bride, we will be prepared by Him to rule and reign with Him.  As a bride we will be prepared for the end time victorious battle He will wage against the anti-christ as this being seeks to destroy the church of God.  God is training and equipping His people to know their role and destiny as the bride of Christ.  Much of this is covered in the Song of Songs.  We are sharing the things God has revealed to others and us with the church in Africa.

  • Living as Saints of God through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

We are partakers of the divine nature of God.  We are called to be saints of God.  We are called to live as saints of God.  The Holy Spirit unites our spirit with Himself so that we become like Christ.  We become like He is, holy and without spot.  We do holy and righteous things because we are becoming holy and righteous.  We are becoming what He is.  This has been God's destiny for us. We were created to be holy and without blame before Him in love, in Christ.  This message, given by God to many others and us is one we have been called to bring and impart to Africa.


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