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Jesus Cares.

This is the visionary message God has given to Cyrus Ministries International. The logo graphically portrays the message God has called and anointed us to proclaim in all the nations. He has shown us much mercy, longsuffering, love and forgiveness as He has trained and prepared us for this ministry. We know through personal experience that Jesus cares. God has given us supernatural wisdom and revelation, enabling us to bring words and empowerment--and thus life and healing--from His Spirit to others. He gives His wisdom and power to weak and unworthy vessels like us in order to reveal to others that He cares for them. God has taught us how to know, receive, and impart His life to others so they can personally experience the truth that Jesus cares. God also wants us to share and impart to others what we have received from Him so they can do what we are doing. We have received so that we can give. We want to give so that others can receive and then be trained how to give as well. We believe there is no greater satisfaction than enabling others to give to others the experiential truth that Jesus cares.

Jesus cared while on earth. When Jesus began His ministry He said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed; to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord" (Luke 4:18-19 NAU). Jesus came from heaven to bring forth this message from His Father. Jesus spoke and demonstrated the message that the Kingdom of God had now come to the earth. He was indwelt with and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God. The presence of the Holy Spirit in Him enabled Him to speak the word given Him, to manifest the message given to Him, and to impart the message given Him into the hearts of others. Jesus was His message. He healed the sick, He gave people physical and spiritual sight, He fed their bodies with loaves and fishes, and He fed their spirits with His word and His presence. He delivered people from the demonic oppression that had affected the spirit, soul and body of those who came to Him. He gave hope to the hopeless by speaking of the destiny of God to bring all creation under Him. Jesus not only proclaimed His message, He demonstrated His message. He not only demonstrated His message, He was His message. His very presence changed the spiritual atmosphere of His surroundings. Jesus not only was His message, He trained and equipped His disciples to carry His message into all the world. This message is centered in the Cross, which shouts to the world, “Jesus Cares!”

He now lives in heaven to impart His message into His present-day disciples so we can become and manifest His message into this world as He reigns over all. Jesus cares. Before He came to earth, in eternity, He cared. He did care, He cares now, and He will care. Jesus cares. Now we in the body of Christ are to be His message. He imparts His heart, His Spirit, into us so we too can proclaim, show forth, and be like Him, manifesting the truth that Jesus Cares.

We in CMI have been anointed by God to participate with Him as He brings this message forth. We are a part of the body of Christ, having been given gifts, revelations, empowerments and visions of our part in His Kingdom. We are but a part of what God is doing. The Holy Spirit has given us revelations and understandings through His Word, to receive, to proclaim, to demonstrate, to integrate into ourselves, and to impart to others what He has given to us, centered in the reality that “Jesus Cares.”

God has raised up this ministry for such a time as this. It was in 1979, when I responded to God’s call to go to Mount Sinai, that He spoke of the times of shaking that were to come upon the earth and heavens (Hebrews 12:22-29). He also said He would put His words in our mouth so that we could speak them, enabling Him to plant the heavens, lay His foundations in the earth, and have His people hear Him say, “You are My people” (Isaiah 51:16). Truly these days are upon us. Through the prayers and financial support of many, we are able to bring forth what God has put in us for these days.

We are blessed by having new members added to our Board of Directors. The Board has been expanding and building upon the foundations it has laid in previous years; this will enable CMI to bring forth new things, locally, nationally, and internationally. We as a Board have adopted the following:

      Vision:†† To participate with God as He unites heaven and earth in Jesus by bringing people and lands into their God-given destiny through the healing and discipleship of individuals, families and nations.

      Areas of Emphasis:

      Priesthood:† Ministering to God through worship, meditation, prayer and intercession, and ministering to the people the proclamations, impartations and actions God has given us.

      Destiny: Introduce people to know and receive the heavenly kingdom and help people participate in God’s heavenly plan for themselves, families and nations.

      Healing:Bringing the reality of God’s eternal Presence through the Holy Spirit into every place of spirit, soul and body, resulting in unity within, with Him, and with others.

      Discipleship:† Learning how to hear Jesus and follow Him.

      Fathering:† Nurturing and caring for those people, ministries and nations appointed by God, into their glory, using the wisdom and authority given by God for this purpose.


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