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Welcome to CMI ROCK! 

  • Click on one of the ROCK! pictures on the right to go to the UNITS at that level.

     Each Unit contains information presented at three different levels.  While the approximate age ranges are given for each level, you may find it helpful to look at all three levels in each unit to find the best fit for you and your child. 
     Use the arrow keys to move through the units.  Most units contain ideas and suggestions for activities to be completed away from the computer.  These may require some basic supplies such as paper, pencils and crayons. Even if these activities are not done, there is much benefit in just reading through the material. 
     Every topic includes Scripture Memory verses at all levels.  These have been provided in the King James Version (for website use).  You may find it useful to use another Bible translation that is more familiar to your family. 

Watch for more Units coming soon! 

Lyn Rowley
Director of Kids ROCK!

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God's Plan and Purpose for Children
    - A CMI Booklet by Lyn Rowley

Children who have a personal relationship with Jesus and are taught to hear and respond to the voice of Jesus, who are encouraged to share, who are filled with the Spirit, and empowered to serve, can change the entire dynamic of a church family.

These are the children who can walk boldly into their world the schools, the playgrounds and the sports fields and bring others into the kingdom.

They are not the FUTURE of the church they ARE the church.

Read the ministry booklet "God's Plan and Purpose for Children" to learn more about this!


2005 Lyn Rowley/Cyrus Ministries International

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