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God’s Eternal Plan

God is eternal. He created us for His plan and purpose. The Bible says that when God created man He blessed them and told them to "Be fruitful and multiply, replenish [fill] the earth and subdue it." (Genesis 1:26)

This eternal plan of God was to be fulfilled by God bringing His life into us through the tree of life, His Son. Man sinned. He listened to the voice of the devil and ate of the tree of death. Satan then reigned over man, seeking to stop the plan of God.

God sent His Son. He blessed Him. He spoke to Him. Jesus, God’s Son, had the Life of God in Him. He became fruitful. He multiplied His ministry. He began to fill the earth. He began to subdue the earth, healing and delivering the people from the power of the devil

Satan crucified Him, using the people of the earth. God allowed this. This was God’s way of destroying Satan’s dominion, given to him by man, and establishing the reign of His Son.

God, in eternity, knew what would happen, and He had a plan for bringing about all His purposes. Through His Son now living in us, we can be blessed by God. We can hear Him speaking to us. We can be fruitful. We can multiply. We can fill the earth. We can subdue the earth.

God’s Eternal Plan for Cyrus Ministries International

The Bible says that we have been created by God and given works to do so that His eternal purposes can be accomplished (Ephesians 2:10, Ephesians 1:4). The works that we do in His eternal plan are from eternity and are eternal.

There are seven specific things God has given Cyrus Ministries International to accomplish. They are:

1. To be part of His plan and activity of bringing healing to His people so they can be fruitful in their God-given destiny.

2. To feed His lambs, shepherd His sheep, and feed His sheep so they can multiply.

3. To call for His people to come out of Babylon into the reality of living in His New Jerusalem, so that the light of His heavenly Kingdom will fill them and the earth.

4. To help His people know, experience and live in the truth that God is speaking from heaven to them through His Son.

5. To know, declare and establish the foundations of God in His people, so that He can subdue all things through them.

6. To bring the things God has given us into all the nations, so that the earth will be filled (replenished) with His glorious presence.

7. To bless, train, nurture, and impart to His people the things God has blessed us with, so they can be blessed, hear God’s voice, be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.

These things can only be fulfilled through people living in the reality of Christ living in them. The way these seven callings have been given and imparted to Cyrus Ministries International is covered in the brochure "The Call and Vision of Cyrus Ministries International", which is covered in the next section.

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Our Beliefs:

We believe in the God of the Bible as described in the Apostles' Creed.

We believe that Jesus is The Son of God; it is only through trusting in His death and resurrection on their behalf that people can come to the Father.

We believe in the Bible as the infallible Word of God

We believe God sends His Spirit to live in us and to manifest His presence among us.

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What We Offer

Resources Available through Cyrus Ministries International

We have introductory booklets for new Christians. Some of these are, "Meditations on God’s Goodness," "Forgiveness of Sins," "Meditations on the Ministry of Jesus," and "Repentance and Forgiveness."

We have booklets available on subjects for discipleship. Our basic discipleship series includes the following booklets: "Jesus is Lord and Christ," " The Holy Spirit," "Receiving Jesus," "Spiritual Warfare," "The Cross," "The New Covenant," and "Prayer."  Go to the Booklets page to read and print copies.  You may request paper copies of each Booklet by contacting us.

Activities of Cyrus Ministries International

We provide regular training sessions, attended by people from many nations, at our ministry center Big Rock, Illinois. We have recently conducted training sessions on "Ministering Healing," "Fivefold Ministry Gifts," "Meditating on the Word of God," "Shepherding God’s Sheep," "The Bride of Christ in the Song of Songs," and "Dealing with Generational Curses and Sin Patterns." Tapes on many of these topics are available. Go to Contact Us to request copies of tapes.

We regularly cover, on all-day Saturday sessions, the materials in the ministry manual we have produced. Topics include: Dealing with Relationships, Personal Wounds and Spiritual Strongholds, Dealing with False gods and Religions, and Dealing with Curses and Generational Sin Patterns. Go to Ministry Guide to view the manual; go to Spiritual Retreats to find out about Saturday sessions.

We conduct meetings in people’s homes, imparting to leaders the things we have received and to their friends and families the ability to minister to others. Go to Home Groups.

We hold regular "Prayer and Worship Evenings" at the Big Rock Ministry Center. Go to Current Activities.

We go to other churches and groups-- locally, in the USA and in the nations. We minister healing, train leaders, and establish ongoing networking relationships. We have been to Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Romania, India, Israel, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Nigeria. We have requests to go to several other nations.  Go to our Itinerary of trips to learn what is scheduled this year.

We oversee ministries and churches in overseas nations, helping them to come into their calling and destiny, using the things God has given us. We help leaders from other nations to spend time with us for training and impartation.  Go to International Ministry to learn more.

We have a regular Children’s Ministry Program called CMI Kids ROCK! In this ministry, children and youth are taught Bible truths in age-appropriate and child-friendly interactive style. Children experience the working and power of the Holy Spirit as prayer and worship are woven into ROCK. Go to Kids ROCK! to learn more.

Our Regular Meetings

We meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 9 PM, have Friday night worship at 7PM and Saturday night worship services at 6PM.

See Current Activities & Itinerary for more information.

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Big  Rock Ministry Center

Our Big Rock Ministry Center is located about 4 miles west of the intersection of Highways 30 and 47.  We are on #30 just beyond Sugar Grove.  Cyrus Ministries International is in the building immediately west of the Sugar Grove Self Storage Units, about ¼ mile east of Dauberman Road which is just east of the center of Big Rock.

From I-88 westbound, after the Aurora exits, follow the signs to Rt. 30, heading toward Hinckley .

Learn more at the Big Rock Ministry Center page.

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Serving God as He Unites Heaven and Earth in Christ

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