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The Perfect Plan and Provision of Our Perfect God

God is Perfect. He is perfect in all that He is. He only does what is perfect. What He does is the absolutely best thing to do. His desires for us are perfect. What He wants for us is the very best thing for us. He is perfect.

God created us for His purpose. He created us to know Him. He created us to be like Him. He created us to function like Him. He created us to become like Him, Perfect. He created us to be able to partake of His nature, His character. He created us so we could be united with His Spirit, and thus we would know what He is doing and be filled with His perfect plan and desires and want to do what is perfect. We would know what to do through the revelation of His Spirit and we would then be able to do what He wanted us to do through the power of his Spirit energizing our lives. We would then do not only good things, but we would do what is the perfect thing to do.

Through the deceptions of the devil, man chose to do evil, to know evil and to welcome it into his life and being. Satan, the devil, lied to man and told him that he would not really be complete unless he knew both good and evil. Satan caused Eve to doubt that God was perfect. He told her that she needed more than what God was making available to her. Satan did not tell her at first that God was bad. He knew that Eve knew that God was good. Satan just intimated to Eve that although God was good, He really wasnít perfect. Satan in effect told her that although what God had for her was good, what he had for her was better. He, in effect, told her that God was not perfect. Eve believed that Satan had more to offer her than what God was providing. She took what Satan offer her and also gave to her mate. Then they felt guilty of their very selves and hid form God.

This is the way of Satan in the world today. He approaches us by telling us that we need more than what God has for us. He does not directly tell us to leave God and to dwell eternally with him, although that is his final objective for us. Rather, he tells us to add to what we know to be right. He tells us that we should do good, but that if we want to be really happy we should also do some things that are not right. He tells us to be good in our business dealings, but that if we want to be really successful we should also lie or cheat a little bit. Satan often tells us to have a spouse, but if we really want to be happy we need also to have extra marital relationships.

God is perfect. He knew what Satan would do and provided a perfect plan to restore man into His plan and purposes. That plan was, as most of us know, to have His Son come in the form of a man and live a perfect life for us, showing us that it is possible to live a perfect life through the power of the Holy Spirit, and that it is good and desirable and rewarding to live such a life. Jesus Christ, Godís Son, did that for us. He also took our sins on Himself and suffered the wrath of God, allowed Satan to bring Him into his eternal place, and was separated from God for a brief time. Jesus was perfected by the things He suffered. He completed His perfect life by completing all of Godís purposes for Himself, even when it meant suffering and death.

Now Jesus has been rewarded for living the life He did. God raised Him from the dead and now Jesus has been filled with all the glory of God, and reigns in heaven over all the power of heaven and earth. Even Satan and his evil angelic followers are under the authority of Jesus.

Jesus has a heavenly ministry to perform. He is now the One through whom we too, as humans can receive the life of God. Though Him we can have our sins forgiven and removed from us. Through Him we can become partakers of the divine nature of God and receive the will of God into our being so that we want to do what we know to be the good and perfect will of God. Through Him we can receive the power from God to be able to be able to do what God has given us to do. We can know, desire to do and be able to do the entire will of God as we receive this new life from Jesus who now reigns in heaven.

As a child, I was raised in a Christian home. I was taught about Jesus and how He died on the cross for my sins. I did not, however, understand how to live in the life and power of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus was continually sending forth from His heavenly place. I knew that I would go to heaven if I died, because I had accepted Him as my Savior, but I did not know His ability to fill me with His life and Spirit and to have victory over the desires of my flesh and the world and the temptations of Satan. My life was filled with guilt, shame, striving to make up for my sins, compromise, blaming others for my sinful ways, and also denying to myself and others some of my wrong desires. Alcohol became an escape for me. My excessive drinking and drunken bouts caused many to leave me, divorce me, and give up on me. Even my church gave up on my Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde life style. But God did not give up on me. He is perfect. His plan is perfect.

I went to many churches. They told me I needed to invite Jesus into my heart. (I knew and believed in Jesus already, but did not know of His power and victory over sin and His ability to perfect my ways.) I prayed the sinnerís prayer many, many times. God brought His perfect plan to me. He visited me in my quiet time, while I was reading my Bible and meditating on Him. He spoke to me through His word, called me into ministry and filled me with His Holy Spirit. Wave after wave of the Holy Spirit came upon me and filled my office. I began to know that the Bible meant when it said "Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing and making melody in your hearts with songs, hymns and spiritual songs." (Ephesians 5:18-19) The perfecting power of the Holy Spirit, the perfecting work of Jesus Christ as my heavenly High Priest has become a reality to me. He is fulfilling His call and purposes for me. My wife and I are the directors of an international ministry. We have seen the power of God move on people, leading them into times of refreshing and repentance, delivering them, healing them, commissioning them into their ministries. We have a ministry training center where we have people to come to be trained, equipped and ministered to. This is a place where they can learn to hear the voice of Him who is speaking from heaven so that He can perfect His people. Our vision is not to deliver and teach so people can "do something" for God. Rather our calling and purpose is to provide a place where people can come and learn to hear, live in, receive and move in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit as He is sent By Jesus to perfect His people. Our ministry centers on helping people to be what God wants them to be, by living in the perfecting life of His Spirit. God is perfect. He is able to bring us into His perfect plan. He is able to impart to us the desire and the power to live in His ever-perfecting life. Since God is perfect, I only need what He provides.

God is Perfect. He makes us perfect. Being perfect does imply being sinless. Jesus was sinless, He always did what was right. He always did what was the best thing to do. He always did what was the perfect thing to do. Yet, the Bible says, He was not perfected until He completed all that God gave Him to do. The Bible says He was perfected through the sufferings He went through. Itís like we have a test of 10 questions. I want to get a perfect score. If I have answered the first nine questions correctly I am doing perfectly. Yet I have not perfected the test since I have not entered the last part. After I complete the whole test perfectly, I can have a perfect score.

I can do a good act and yet it might not be the perfect thing to do. I can, for example, give money to one who is poor. Yet there might be something better to do. Perhaps they could be better helped by my spending a few moments with them. Maybe they have a drinking problem and would just spend whatever money I gave them to feed their addiction. Perhaps by spending time with them I might be able to give them some words which might be of lasting value to them. God knows what is best for us in the present time. He knows what is perfect for us in the moment of time in which we are living. He does not only do what is good, He does what is the best possible good thing to do. He does what is perfect.

God not only is perfect, He can bring us into His perfection. God called David perfect. David did not always do what was right. He committed sinful acts. Yet, when he was convicted of His sin, he confess his sinful act. He confessed the sinful desires that caused him to act in this way. He confessed the weakness in his conscience which kept him from stopping the sinful act from coming forth while it was being birthed in his being. After confessing the sin in his whole being, body, soul and spirit, he then asked God to give him a new spirit and to put His ways in him. He expressed the desire to be cleansed form his sin and filled with the Spirit of God who would gives him the strength to do what was right and perfect. God called David perfect because he did what God wanted him to do, even when he sinned. God did not want David to sin, but because David did what God wanted him to do after he sinned, God called him perfect.

The same can be true with us. God is perfect. He desires us to do what is perfect. He desires us to be perfect. The most perfect thing we can do is to acknowledge our need to have the nature of God developed in us by having the life of God flow into us. God created us in His image, to be like Himself. Godís life gives God the desire and the ability to do what He knows is good and perfect. God created us with the ability to receive His life into our being and to then know through the revelation of His Spirit into our spirit, what the will of God is. We can know the perfect thing to do through the Holy Spirit who can live in us. The same Holy Spirit will also give us the strength to do the revealed will of God so that we can not only know and will to do the will of God but we can also do the will of God through the power of the Holy Spirit, just as God does.

When Adam sinned he brought Satanís life into humanity. Since Adam we all have been born with a sinful nature a nature that is not wholly desirous to always do the will of God. Jesus came and had a nature free from sin, as Adam had when he was born. Jesus, like Adam was tempted by Satan, as we all have been. Jesus however never gave into the desires and temptations of Satan. He, through the power of the Holy Spirit lived a sinless life. Jesus took on Himself our old life, with all of its sinful ways and with all of its sins, and died for them and died with them. He took us, with our sinful nature with Him into His death the Bible says. BUT God raised Him from the dead and raises us with Him and exalted Him into the heavenly realm and made Him king of kings and Lord of Lords. We too are called to reign with Him, through His life living in us. We are called to reign over the evil that is around us in this life, serving the people. We are called to reign in this life over our sinful ways and desires in this life. We now have angelic beings reigning over the earth, living in the heavenly places over territories, kingdoms and nations. We are to exercise Godís authority over them in this life, keeping them from stopping what God has given us to accomplish for Him and for His people. We are being prepared to occupy the heavenly places in the next life, replacing the evil angelic hosts who rule today. The angels of God will be under us in the nest life, assisting us in bringing about the complete rule of Christ in all the world.

David, in the time of the old testament did not have the ability to recognize or deal with the spiritual realm. Jesus was not yet given all authority over the nations and the Spirit of God was not yet given to all men since Jesus had not been glorified. David saw his enemies to be those men who were in opposition to the ways of God. He sought the destruction of men. We seek the destruction of the strongholds of the evil spiritual powers, and seek the freedom of all, even our enemies from the deception and bondage of these evil spiritual beings.

In the same way God gave David victory over his natural enemies, God will give us victory over our spiritual enemies. Jesus had victory over the spiritual enemies, when He, under Godís direction, submitted Himself to the desires of his enemies so that our sins could be punished and our enemies defeated, natural and spiritual. David knew God as perfect, and knew God was perfecting him and perfecting his ways. Jesus knew God as perfect and also knew God was perfecting Him, through His sufferings, for through them we can have forgiveness and victory over sin, victory over our flesh and victory over the devil.

God has perfected His Son, so that He as our heavenly High Priest can now bring us into perfection. The perfect plan that God has for each of us can be received, realized and completed, as we learn to seek His perfection and let His ever perfecting ways operate in us.

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